Thank You!

We've been so busy soaking in life and love and all that has manifested in the past month that we have been kind of quiet online. I haven't visited this space in awhile, and have even been quiet on Facebook, oh my! With tons of photos to upload and events to add, I first wanted to provide an update here and say THANK YOU!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! To everyone who donated to our Emergency Fundraiser that kept us on the road last month. Thank You SO very much! We reached out and you were there and enabled us to continue the journey. We were never alone, none of us are, and you stepped up to help and support us in that time of need. We were fueled by your love and generosity and were able to fix up the Eco Womb so that we could keep the Tour moving and keep on connecting families and creating change! So, THANK YOU, from our family to yours with ALL of our heart!

We have since moved through Northern California and up to Oregon, and found three amazing events to be a part of along the way. So, as always the timing worked out perfectly, just as it was meant to be. Mt. Shasta was amazing with majestic energy, and the community there was uplifting as we joined the Moms Across America March to Label GMOS in their July 4th parade. Something about walking down Main Street with a bunch of other families and activists and being greeted with cheers for finally offering something healthy at a parade just makes you smile.

And, then as if by fate, well, of course the universe always leads us to where we need to be when we need to be there, I am standing outside the local natural food co-op in Mt. Shasta, and across the street is a sign for a Holistic Wellness office with a midwife listed. So, I walk over and knock on the door and set up an appointment for that same week. Thank you universe! Baby is doing well, heartbeat great, moving all the time, and feeling supported by the tribe of midwives we are creating as we travel. Currently six months along and the Eco Womb has taken on new meaning as we grow new life inside our home on wheels. And, oh, how that spring in life has fueled us!

As we slowly moved into Oregon, we discovered more community and more magic and more connection and more beautiful happenings. Ashland was amazing! We hung with our growing tribe and swam in lakes and creeks, and had campfires under the stars with smores and drums. Mama did prenatal yoga, and the kids soaked up the goodness of the local library and the kindness of the local librarian who let us check out books in her name and gifted the kids some special books as she knew and trusted that our family has a love of books and reading. Yes, seriously love Ashland! We were also invited to be a part of Sacred Seeds, a benefit for GMO-Free Jackson County, held at Jackson WellSprings, again meeting beautiful conscious souls living in harmony with all that sustains us and nourishes us.

The Jackson WellSprings were refreshing and healing and the community so heart filling. We got to dance barefoot on sacred ground to the amazing and beautiful Sara Tone, a dear friend whom we marched with on the Right2Know March, and catch up with her as we reveled over our coast to coast journeys of love. We met amazing people doing amazing things here in Oregon, but also spreading their wings all over, as we heard of many other journeys intertwined across the planet. We talked solar and waste veggie and birthing and peace and love and the divine goddess. This mama treated herself to a women's circle under the full moon with sistas communing with love and acknowledging the sacred in our own wombs. I also got to hangout in a tipi with my love under the full moon, and check out the Goddess Temple, Red Tent and Birth Tipi, with my family, sharing the sacred and cycles of life and love with them as we get ready all together to welcome a new little blessing into our family this fall. Oh yes, I must birth this way! Blessed Community for sure! We almost didn't want to leave Ashland we loved it that much, and know for sure we will be back!

But, we felt called to head north and knew our path was meant to unfold in another beautiful way. We headed to a festival called BurntWoodsStock. On the way, literally on the road on I-5 at a pitstop at SeQuential BioFuels, we ran into Human of The Human Revolution another friend whom we marched with on the Right2Know March two years ago. An amazing musician and songwriter, and a true dear to our hearts friend, we marveled in how the consciousness is connected. Just absolutely love how the universe works to get us together at the moment we need to connect! So then... onward to BurntWoodsStock! Three days of peace, love, camping, and music was how it was advertised, but no one mentioned that you become part of the BurntWoods Family and Kasner's Farm would feel like home! Again, amazing, simply amazing! We rolled up and were immediately greeted by another fun full-time traveling family, the Condie's of Hippie Motors USA and Wild Soul-Zen and her beautiful family of Where the Wild Things Love. We parked next to them and set up and started a long weekend of fun, connection, education, music, and festivities with an amazing tribe of conscious souls.

We have been to A LOT of festivals across the country, but this was truly THE most family-friendliest of them all! All kids under 17 are free to come to the festival, camping is free, and there is free water available all weekend long, making it one of the most affordable, as well. Plus, there are free kids activities all weekend long, a train pulled by a tractor that ran all weekend long, music and side acts geared toward kids, a kids tent with crafts and free face painting, even family-friendly fire dancing, and yes, ALL of it, ALL weekend long!!! It was truly an amazing time and the Kasner's host such an incredible event and open up their home and heart, that we now understand what everyone meant when they were talking about the BurntWoodsStock Family!!! We stayed all week just to soak it in some more! Thank You Kasner Family and BurntWoodsStock!!! We are so looking forward to coming back!

And now, we head north still, toward Portland then Seattle, wherever the wind blows and the universe calls, continuing to feel blessed by all that surrounds us and connects us on a daily basis. So, Thank You...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! To everyone that we have connected with in the past month. To our ever growing family, our expanding village, our tribe. To the life and laughter that being surrounded by constant love gives to our children. To fast friends becoming family. To our our own precious growing family, with new life and love being nourished in the Eco Womb and in this mama's womb. To everyone who has reached out and engaged in deep conversation about things that really matter, that make a difference. To everyone who has sent us messages of hope and love that we are all in this beautiful journey of life together. To everyone who has supported us so that we could continue this journey. To all of you beautiful souls! All one, and one love for sure!

Thank You all!!! And so very much peace and love to you all!!!

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