Living in Tune with the Moon

I took this photo last summer as a full Mama Luna rose above this tipi. We were at Jackson Well Springs in Ashland, OR at the Sacred Seeds festival working the event with the Eco Womb that weekend, and I fell in love with the tipis there. They even had a birth tipi!!! Three moons later and we find ourselves landing in the same valley as these tipis, welcoming our baby boy under a very similar full moon. Mama Luna and her pull, oh my! She has a way with the energies of all of my babies! Three more moons later and I am looking up at my very VERY OWN TIPI as the full moon rises and I feel such gratitude for the blessings of manifestation, the beauty of how the universe guides and provides, and the gift that is this life.

So, remember to live your dream. Imagine out loud. Dream up your reality. Go for it even if it seems impossible. For, life is NOW, a part of the energy all around us. We are a part of the lunar cycles, we are a part of the tides and the earth and the sky. We are the universe. We are the moments.

Blessings to all on this Full Moon from our tipi to yours!

Angela MalsonComment