Our 3 Year Nomadiversary!

On January 15, 2011 we moved out of our "sticks and bricks" and hit the road full-time. We had taken several months to sell and give away everything we owned to fit our lives in 256 sq. ft. Within six months of putting our house on the market we were able to sell. We had bought high and sold low so lost a ton of money invested, but we were done with working to pay a mortgage and wanted more freedom to be with each other and travel. The same month we sold the house my husband also got approved to work remotely with his current company and we launched our Eco Womb Tour. We said goodbye to our pink house in South Florida and said hello to an open road of adventure.

We weren't sure what we had gotten ourselves into, and knew no one else doing such a thing except for an online connection with the Janssens, whom were the original owners of the Live Lightly Tour Bus, now the Eco Womb. But, we were blessed with a rally to attend only 4 days after moving into our rig. So we took the plunge and met the crazy, wonderful, amazing Fulltime Family members that were also doing this crazy, wonderful, amazing thing called living outside of the box and in one on wheels. If others were doing it with their kids and making a living and living life on the road, than we weren't that crazy to think we could, too. We started doing events and selling eco-friendly products as a way to open up conversations about living simply and sustainably. We loved connecting with people and began educating on healthy foods, alternative fuels, renewable energy, and eco-safe living. It was a calling that lit our passions.

Three years later and we are still on the road, connecting, educating, sharing the love, and enjoying every moment of this journey. We have had ups and downs, we have lost jobs and gained new ones, we have broken down and been fixed up, and we wouldn't trade any of it for the world. We have learned more about living in the past three years than we have in the past thirty, and we savor every life learning moment with our kids. We aren't just gypsies seeking out a new place to live, we are modern day nomads collectively embracing a new way of life.

We have parked our home on mountain farms, in state and national parks, on city streets, on college campuses, at a train station, in parking lots, oceanside, riverside, at campgrounds, and in friends and family's driveways. We have been in 35 states so far and the kids are plotting which ones to visit next. In fact, our oldest son, who used to cringe at the thought of change and would be sensory overloaded in day to day transitions, just told us yesterday that he is ready to roll. After being parked for three months in the same place, he is done with the same routine and wants to see new things. Our kids have grown a lot out on this open road, and we have grown right along with them. We even welcomed our most recent babe into our family and right into our nomadic lifestyle. He was born three months ago (hence the reason we have been stationary for the past three months) at home in the Eco Womb Tour Bus as we parked on an organic alpaca farm in the mountains of Southern Oregon. The ebb and flow of life works for us as nomads, traveling when it feels right for everyone, and stopping to ground ourselves or nest a bit as was the case to birth our sweet baby and transition into a family of six.

We are at home wherever we are because we are together (and because we literally have our home with us), so to seek a change of scenery and new adventure becomes part of the beautiful reasons why we are happy as nomads. We all have learned to trust the universe to guide us where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there, and it always does. We get asked often how long we plan on doing this, as if it is a phase? But, to us, this is our life. It may be different than most others, but most is relative, because we now know many, many families that are out on the open road doing the same. And, we continue to connect with other nomads as we travel, creating friendships across the country.

We are living, and exploring, and on a journey as a family. We always check in with our kids to see what they feel called toward, if they want to settle in for awhile or continue to travel. We make decisions as a family and do what is best for everyone, and it feels right to live in the glorious moment. After being settled for the past three months we are beginning to feel the need to roam again, and trusting the universe to lead the way. The kids want to finish filling in our USA map, there has been talk of resting on some islands for a bit (I think that's the cold talking, hahaha), we would all love to have our own homestead with chickens and a bunch of rescue dogs, and who doesn't want to see the world! Three years on the road full-time and I think we may just be getting started!

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