So much gratitude lately for my family, our Village, the journey still unfolding, and all that is and is to BE. Thankful for all of the hard work done by thousands of volunteers of the Yes on 92 campaign over the past several months, for GMO labeling and education being done all over the country, and for voices rising to be heard. Thankful to all of our family, friends and Sponsors that support our work, for being true to that activist call and passion, for our Village love, and for the conscious thread of connection of people and places all over that remind me that there is hope in this crazy world of ours. Also thankful for this space to write and for 'taking back the Blog' (yes, it's been awhile, and more to come on that one)... And, thankful for the earth and sky and connection as a family to appreciate these wonders and embrace the now.

For, in order to BE in the moments we need to BREATHE in the moments.

From our Thanksgiving day hike. These hills, that lake, those mountains, on this trail with my sweet fam, doing what connects our souls and binds us together, hiking and slowing down and breathing fresh air and connecting. With the earth and sky, the birds and rocks, and each other. Because THIS is what I'm thankful for everyday. This connection. And, sometimes when we get super busy, and there's so much to do and fix, and we carry the weight of the world as if it's ours alone to save, a simple hike into nature is all it takes to realize what's most important and breathe into the NOW. #perspective #gratitudes #thankfuleveryday #BEinthemoments #BREATHEinthemoments #hikingwiththefam #emigrantlake #ashland #oregon #hOMe #thanksgiving2014 #ecowombtour2014

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