So, this happened. Me and yoga on the beach. Yes, my babe was with me. And, yes, I had all the kiddos running around me. But, this was my Mama time, and I let go and took care of myself, and made it happen. We've been super busy lately and hubby had been working lots, so that meant full on kiddos and not much work time or self care time for Mama. But, I surrendered to the NOW and realized that I am always where I need to be. And, you know what, the kids joined me, and we all laughed and played, and I was reminded to always trust in the now. BE in the moments, whatever they look like, and to also go for it, whatever that looks like.

So, I decided right then and there to audition for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diarist. It was an open audition to write monthly for the Sakura Bloom community - a village of Mamas and Papas that wear their babies in Sakura Bloom Ring Slings and chronicle their adventures in parenting, love, life, and adventure. I have been wanting to get a natural fiber ring sling from Sakura Bloom and love writing about all of these things, so thought, why not, right? Well, I didn't make the cut. But, no matter, I thoroughly enjoyed writing about Courage, and it taught me a thing or two about putting my mind to something and getting it done, on a tight timeline, making time for what is important to me, taking some self care Mama time, and making it happen. The following is my take on "Courage" and what it means to me as a letter of sorts to my amazing kiddos and a tribute to my journey as a woman and mother.

Courage is to face difficulty without fear, to step outside the box, to pave your own path.

You could say that most of my life I have faced inherent difficulties, trauma, hardships, yet I have not always been brave. My children, you taught me how to let go, how to take risks, how to stand up for what my heart and soul knew was right, how to live without fear. My birth journey was one of courage, each time speaking up a little more, each time feeling a little more like myself, in my own skin, listening to my own heart. Each four of my babes have taught me lessons, have helped me grow as a mother and woman. Little ones you have helped awaken me, shining your light, trusting your own spirits. YOU are my courage.

Courage is to lean into trust that the universe will always guide you.

Taking the leap to sell our house, hit the road full-time, travel the country, make our passion our work, and to roadschool and learn as a family along the way, took a whole lot of trust. And, amazingly we always end up where we are supposed to when we are meant to, and that my little ones is courage. Having you my children has taught me bravery, even when others questioned our path and doubted we would make it. I hope you always pave your own way, trust in the divine, reach for the stars, and always, always, always listen to your heart. When you follow your intuition and lean into trust that the universe will be your guide, you will soar.

Courage is to BE yourself always, to live out YOUR dreams, to TRUST in the process.

Being a mother is the greatest gift I ever received. It is also the most difficult and most challenging life's work I have ever done. You -my little light beings- you have taught me to BE in the moments, to feel with ALL of my heart, to trust that inner guide that says YES to dreams. Even if the path less traveled isn't always smooth, and especially when their are bumps and breakdowns, it is important to remember that it isn't where you are going, but the journey that gets you there. I want you my littles to climb mountains and taste sea salt air, I want you to feel sand between your toes and dewy grass under your feet, I want you to do what lights your fire, what makes your heart skip a beat, what excites your soul. Mostly, I want you to have the courage to go against the grain and live the life that you are called to live, to live it fully every moment and trust in the journey.