I count my gratitudes daily. It's what gets me through. Some days are tough, and lately there have been more lows than highs around here, and I find myself swirling in what the what, something else to deal with, are you kidding me?!?! But, I make sure to breathe in the good, most especially on those kinda days.

Because then you slow enough to appreciate it all... the warm sunshine that came out just long enough for me to stop and feel it embrace my skin, the soft grass underfoot, the smell of my sweet baby boy's head as he nestled in for a nap in the sling.

And, by slowing down you realize that the swirling is often just our perspective. Yes, there is big energy in the world. Yes, there have been loads thrown at us lately. Yes, uncertainty can be scary and heavy on a Mama's heart. But when you peel it all back, there is still so much to love. The love I have for my kiddos, the love I feel connected to this beautiful earth, the love that is deep within us all, no matter what the surface scratches reveal. And, I am bound and determined to spread my arms wide and soak in that sunshine and breathe in the love.

Because the more we reflect on our gratitudes, the more gratitude is reflected within and upon us.

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