Village Love

I sit here today my heart full on Village love, reminded again how the universe always provides, and moved by my family's resiliency. We didn't get the Eco Womb back yesterday as hoped, and after moving out of our temporary cabin in the morning, living out of our van for the day, and being displaced yet again. My heart was heavy upon hearing the news, not sure what I would tell our kiddos, not sure what I would make for dinner, not sure where we were going to sleep. And then, kids snuggled in for a movie, a soul sista made soup for dinner, and the Village offered their home and beds to call our own for a night, my goodness, perspective. Yes, it's one more day of repairs. Yes, we're done feeling displaced and out of our home. And, yes, on top of it all my boys got poison oak to deal with in the mix of us being unsettled (yes, ugh). But, we have people who love us and are there for us and care for us. Thank you so much sweet Village, thank you so so much.

#gratitudes #villagelife #ecowombtourbusintheshop #hopingtogetourhomeback #gratefulforfriendsthatopentheirhomeandhearts #homeiswherethevillageis

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