Embracing the Seasons

Taking time out to just BE in these last couple of days under the New Moon energy. Going inward, lots of self-reflection, learning to embrace the seasons of motherhood, and knowing that I am always just where I'm supposed to be. Lately, that means I am going on daily toddler led walks through the park, or marathon nursing at night before bed, or keeping up with my girl's energy, or late night talks with my boys. It's all so busy and full and messy and loved.

And then, when all are tucked in for the night, and I finally put my feet up, and I'm up working and writing and reflecting, I can see clearly how precious the seasons are and how it's ok to value sleep over work some nights, and Mama moments over to-do lists. So, while I may not be on top of all my emails, and my Instagram is never 'insta' (hahaha) I am in the moments for my babes, and that is the most important of all my work.

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