Love is Everywhere

As we celebrate one month being back in our home (from New Moon to New Moon) I'm feeling oh so thankful for all of the support and love that was sent our way during that time of uncertainty. We really are all so connected, and the love you sent fueled our ability to stay on our feet and remain focused on continuing this journey of one love and conscious change.

Much reflection has taken place since being back home in the Eco Womb and my heart is brimming with gratitude for the circle of love that surrounds us, all of us. For, when we send out love it comes back, and we realize it was within us all along, so then we have double the love to give.

So, I am sitting here working on some BIG BIG love to share with all of you!!! Planning a few GIVEAWAYS in the coming weeks so stay tuned, and remember... ***the more you share the love, the more you see the love in everything, heart-filled from within***

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