Be an Earth Mama Brand Ambassador!

Pacific Northwest Mamas, Earth Mama Angel Baby is looking for YOU to help spread the word on their most amazing eco-friendly products! And, yup, that is our precious baby boy in that belly of mine. Oh my goodness do I miss that pregnant glow, and can't believe our baby is already 15 months!!!

Also, a big, big thank you for Earth Mama's continued support of the Eco Womb. The most ethical and down to earth company ever, and we love them so! Seriously you all need to check them out! We can't get enough of Earth Mama products around here, our favs are the Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Earth Mama Body Butter, and Milkmaid Tea, so delicious (and Organic and Non-GMO!!!).

If you live in Oregon or Washington, and want to be a part of this amazing company, read more about how to become an Earth Mama Brand Ambassador and contact them directly here -

Earth Mama Angel Baby - We love you!!!

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