All One

This unfiltered beauty of a sky, this magical sunset over Mama Ocean, this evening on the beach watching the pink colors swirl into darkness as the sun went down and a full, full Mama Luna came up, this is what I wish for everyone everywhere to experience. The beautiful colors of nature, the smell of sea salt in the air, the change in temperature as sun sets and moon rises, toes in the sand, and full on life.

Wherever you are, go outside, breathe in the air, reach up to the stars, press your bare feet onto the earth beneath you and know that we are all connected. We are all one. Balancing our everyday on the same spinning ball, watching the same sun set and moon rise, breathing in the same now. Because right now there is another Mama nursing her baby to sleep, another moon child who can't wind down to sleep, and another friend who is looking up at the same stars. So, feel the vibration and connection of it all, and take in your own unfiltered beautiful evening, allowing the tides to pull you in and the moon to guide you from wherever you are to wherever I am to whatever the path unfolds for us all.

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