Beauty in the Everyday

My hope is that they always know how connected they are to it all. The sun, the moon, the tides, the wind. That they find calm in the midst of chaos by breathing deep, by walking along the ocean, by getting lost in the forest. That they find themselves when connected to nature.

It's true, our family is outside most of the time, yes because we live in a tiny home and enjoy the extra space, but also because we love being outside ~ the fresh air, soft grass, trees and birds and stars. I hope they understand the simple joys in life are always free and abundant. Following a honeybee to a nearby flower, rolling down a grassy hill, watching a hummingbird flutter, and building a fort out of sticks or sand.

Because it isn't always beautiful sunsets at the beach, or hiking gorgeous mountains to find hidden waterfalls. Most days we rise to a stack of dishes that didn't get washed the night before in the flurry of little ones getting tired and the need to read books and get in bed to settle their wired minds, And, oftentimes our mountain of laundry falling out of the shower (only place for our hamper) is the one we have to scale just to find a missing sock.

But, it is the beauty in the everyday, and the reminder that there is beauty everywhere, that I hope they remember. And, that they can always, always, always, no matter where they are or what is swirling around them, take time out of the day to climb a tree, dance with bare feet in the dirt, or watch a sunset.

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