Home at Mama Ocean

Love parking our home at Mama Ocean. Love pitstops as beautiful as this. Love the California coast. Love the adventure and simplicity. Love this family of ours. Love our nomadic life.

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Angela Malson
Saying YES!

Sunsets and bike rides and chasing waves and saying yes. These are the days I hope they remember most. Because even in the swirl of having four kiddos with big spirited souls and differing needs at the same time, I guess especially because of that swirl, we try and say yes often so they know they are being heard. So they know that they each individually matter.

It isn't always easy. Dragging all of our bikes with a toddler seat in tow down to the ocean through thick sand was not really feasible or desired at the end of a long day, but this boy wanted to ride his bike in the waves so bad, and that sunset was so awesome that we just made it happen.

Because sometimes saying yes even when you're too tired or uncertain is the best kind of yes! It's a fresh breath in the crazy swirl, a lasting memory made, and a heart-filling moment that keeps. ☺️✨💛

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Angela Malson
Babywearing Magic

We've always worn our babies in slings. From newborn through toddlerhood. It is how we stay close, how we have free hands for other kiddos or work or everyday life stuff. But, the other day, Mama Bear accidentally left our sling home when we were out running errands 😳 and oh my goodness, not sure how other parents do it without babywearing?!?!?!

This little man is running all over now and without the sling wanted down all the time... to run... all over!!!!😳😂😜 So, today we used the sling a lot ☺️ and came back to an even greater appreciation for babywearing and the benefits for baby and Mama (or Papa), with lots and lots of added sweet snuggles.

I could hear the exhale of relief from us both today when we were out and I had the sling to nurse and comfort and help settle overstimulation. Thank you babywearing magic, thank you! ✨💜✨

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Angela Malson
Eco Womb 2015 Tour Launched!

SO excited to announce that we launched this year's Eco Womb Tour at San Diego's Earth Fair on April 19th at Balboa Park in downtown San Diego. We had a beautiful, fun-filled, family-friendly, earth-loved kinda day sharing the love, peace and veggie grease! 💙✌️🌎 To view photos from the day, visit our Event Gallery.

As this is our family's first time in San Diego, and we are still in the area, let us know if you have any suggestions on fun places to go and see and do, as these kiddos are ready to explore!!!

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Angela Malson
Love Your Planet

LOVE your planet. TEACH them well. BE the example you want them to emulate. CREATE the change you want for their future.

They are watching intently and waiting for the lessons. They want you to guide them and teach them the ways. So, let's protect and nurture and love and thrive, for them, for our world, for our everyday, and for our future.

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Angela Malson
My precious seedlings

Like Mama Earth nurturing seeds into trees, growing strong, producing fruit, providing food, and sustaining life, I hold tight to this wondrous journey of motherhood and watch as you thrive and grow in my arms and at my breast, and shine your light, oh so bright. I love you baby boy and my garden of precious children and thank you sweet souls for reminding me to slow down and savor the moments, enjoy the dirt under my feet and blue skies above. For, just as a seedling sprouting toward the light, you have been my awakening. 🌿💛🌀☀️

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Angela Malson
Family New Moon Ceremony

Salt bowl ~ New Moon ~ Spring Equinox ceremony with the kiddos last night 💛🌑✨ Playing with crystals, setting intentions, feeling the energies, making memories. We had a Village dinner, made paper lanterns, gathered around a fire, roasted bananas (um, seriously yum!) 😉👍😛 and joined under the star-filled sky to reflect on rebirth and renewal. I love that they love these rituals. I love the balance felt when we tune into the rhythm of the earth and lunar cycles. And, I love how we're all figuring it out as we go, flowing with the moment, and embracing our center through breath and connection. Because breath is life, connection is love, and the light is what shines when you tap into them both. 

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Angela Malson
Unplugged, yet Connected

Been in the woods and climbing rocks and exploring caves and holding up boulders with these kiddos. Ending up at a campground with no cell reception and limited wifi for the past week (going on two) has been a challenge to balance Mama work and connection time, but I'm realizing just how needed this week offline has been for me. A gentle reminder that my rhythm needs to be that of the earth, always, above all else, the pulse of our days breathing in and out with the vibration of it all as one. Because we are all a part of this living, breathing, sustaining ball of light and life floating though the universe. We are the universe. And just as Mama Earth sustains us with the breath of life, we can sustain her by breathing into our center, and tapping into that love, that peace and calm when we're in the wild and unplugged. It's big I tell ya, so so big, that love and light. And, oh what these kiddos and these rocks and trees and dirt filled trails can teach you!!!

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Angela Malson
Our Inspiration

Our world, our hearts, our loves. Why we do what we do to connect with families and create conscious change. Our inspiration for Eco Womb and the Eco Womb Tour. For our kids, for our future.

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Angela Malson
Home Sweet Home

Walking home after our morning adventures / toddler led hikes with this little man and so so so very grateful for our home, for all of our fixes fixed up, for the support and love that kept us in our home this winter, and for this life that we get to lead sharing the love and peace. So happy to share it with these little souls that have blessed us with their wisdom and love, and thankful for this journey that we get to share with our kiddos.

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Angela Malson
Fly High Sweet Ones

Fly high sweet ones. Reach for the stars, sway your bare feet in the breeze, and enjoy the ride as the world spins by. Take notice of the rainbow of colors and music and light that adorn every turn. And always, always, always know I am here for you in the wings.

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Angela Malson
Our Loves...

Our sun and moon and stars and earth. Our everyday. Our heart and soul. Our loves. 

Our reason we do what we do, connecting families, creating change. Our journey. Our future. Our life.

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Angela Malson
Kid Inspired Snacks

Love when this is the snack my kids make all on their own!!! Recipe - asian pears, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and cinnamon (all organic) - yum, yum, yum!!! Our seven year old made this all by herself to share with friends, and, it was so pretty I had to take a photo.

What are your favorite kid-friendly, kid-inspired, easy to make, tasty, healthy snacks for your family?

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Angela Malson
Soar Baby Soar!

I hope you always know sweet one that you can fly. That we all come equipped with wings. And, the more you jump, the more you glide. And, the more you soar, the more you climb. And, the more you fall, the more you land, strongly and safely into our arms, and then, when you're ready, on your own two feet. Because that's what this parenting gig is all about. Being there to catch you when you need it and watch you soar when you go for it. Sweet, sweet little one, and to all my children, I hope you breathe it all in, follow your bliss, and always go for it.

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Angela Malson
Our Breastfeeding Journey and Some Earth Mama Love!

My breastfeeding journey with my babies started over 14 years ago. I nursed both my boys until they were three and my girl until she was four. Baby boy is now nursing at 16 months and going strong! Breastfeeding for me and my babies has always been such a dance of love and attachment, nourishment and connection. While an excellent source of food and an optimal way for babies to thrive, breastfeeding is about so much more than a daily meal or a quick drink. Nursing for us has been about nurturing, cuddling, a safe place to come back to once they are out and exploring, calm in the midst of chaos, a kiss for an ouchy, quiet when they are sensory overloaded, a soothing way to be close to Mama, and a way to relax into sleep at the end of the day or before a well needed nap.

It has been a journey for sure, starting out as a young Mama with no breastfeeding role models and just following my intuition even in the face of criticism. It took me searching out for support, and finding my own way through La Leche League meetings and reaching out to other mothers I saw nursing in pubic, before I started trusting that gut feeling for how and how long to nurture my child the way that felt right for me and my babies, but I am oh so glad I did. I've gone on to enjoy four healthy breastfeeding relationships well into toddlerhood and know it is right for us. I also understand that not every mother can breastfeed exclusively, and I am in support of all Mamas and how they nurture knowing their unique Mama-baby relationship. But, I am still an avid breastfeeding supporter because if you CAN breastfeed you SHOULD based on the significant benefits to Mama and baby, as well as the emotional bond that it creates.

The hormone oxytocin, released during breastfeeding, helps return the uterus to its regular size much more quickly after birth and can reduce postpartum bleeding. Studies have also shown that breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and works as a natural contraceptive between pregnancies. As for baby, exclusive breastmilk can help build a strong immune system, healthy development, as well as emotional attachment. Breastmilk is also cheaper than formula, easier to prepare (just need some extra Mama snacks, hahaha), and is better for the environment, with no added packaging to dispose of or water to use. For those that are new to breastfeeding, or starting again with a new babe, Mama to Mama support is so beneficial in those early days and weeks, and heck, everyday! Also, knowing the right products to help a breastfeeding pair really helps when you're in the trenches figuring everything out and getting through the waves of milk production. So, to share some love with you Mamas on that journey, I want to share some of my favorite breastfeeding essentials, that's right some Earth Mama Angel Baby love!!!!

And, what would this month of Love be without our annual Earth Mama Angel Baby Giveaway! Eco-safe, organic, Non-GMO and deliciously divine, their products have been such a blessing in our home. And, the Mama's Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle is no exception. Full of organic goodies for Mama and baby, including Organic Milkmaid Tea (still an absolute favorite of mine!). This tea is a USDA Certified 100% Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Kosher nursing tea that helps support healthy breast milk production. Also included is the ever so awesome and a new Mama's 'breastfriend' (lol)... Earth Mama's Natural Nipple Butter, a Lanolin-free, Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, and a Non-GMO Project Verified nipple cream that helps soothe and prevent sore, cracked nipples. And, last but not least, the magical Booby Tubes® are gel-free breast packs to use warm or cold to ease breasts sore from engorgement or mastitis. All wrapped up with love in Earth Mama’s reusable, 100% Certified Organic cotton Mini Logo Tote, the Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle is the perfect gift for all new Mamas starting out on their breastfeeding journey, or as continued support for those in the beautiful Mama trenches full of round the clock milkies.

All you need to do to win this bundle of awesomeness is comment below why you (or a friend) would love a Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle to start your breastfeeding journey or continue on with more littles, and/or what breastfeeding means to you. Follow us on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages, and comment here or there now through the *Full Moon* on March 5th ------- GIVEAWAY extended through Sunday, March 8th!--------- Share for an extra entry! Thank you Earth Mama Angel Baby for this awesome Giveaway and for supporting Eco Womb and my breastfeeding journey with my babies! Happy milk making to all!

Angela Malson
Love is Everywhere

As we celebrate one month being back in our home (from New Moon to New Moon) I'm feeling oh so thankful for all of the support and love that was sent our way during that time of uncertainty. We really are all so connected, and the love you sent fueled our ability to stay on our feet and remain focused on continuing this journey of one love and conscious change.

Much reflection has taken place since being back home in the Eco Womb and my heart is brimming with gratitude for the circle of love that surrounds us, all of us. For, when we send out love it comes back, and we realize it was within us all along, so then we have double the love to give.

So, I am sitting here working on some BIG BIG love to share with all of you!!! Planning a few GIVEAWAYS in the coming weeks so stay tuned, and remember... ***the more you share the love, the more you see the love in everything, heart-filled from within***

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Angela Malson
Embracing the Seasons

Taking time out to just BE in these last couple of days under the New Moon energy. Going inward, lots of self-reflection, learning to embrace the seasons of motherhood, and knowing that I am always just where I'm supposed to be. Lately, that means I am going on daily toddler led walks through the park, or marathon nursing at night before bed, or keeping up with my girl's energy, or late night talks with my boys. It's all so busy and full and messy and loved.

And then, when all are tucked in for the night, and I finally put my feet up, and I'm up working and writing and reflecting, I can see clearly how precious the seasons are and how it's ok to value sleep over work some nights, and Mama moments over to-do lists. So, while I may not be on top of all my emails, and my Instagram is never 'insta' (hahaha) I am in the moments for my babes, and that is the most important of all my work.

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Angela Malson
Choose Joy!

Go for it! Walk along the edge. Take a path off the beaten path. Sing your own song. Take a deep breath and jump with all of your heart. Follow your intuition and know that you can trust the way, however it unfolds, wherever it leads. Go after that dream you're dreaming late at night when you lay in bed and imagine what could be. Because, like these kiddos, shouldn't we all follow the joy?

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Angela Malson
Through a Child's Eyes...

These little wonders, in awe of it all. To see through their eyes is like no other magic. Because to feel the world through them is to witness pure light, the vibration of earth at its most natural frequency. Thank you sweet children of mine for this gift. For awakening me to this journey. For reminding me daily to feel it all with eyes and arms wide open... and, whenever possible, with toes in the sand!

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Angela Malson